Common Questions

FAQS – Here are some starting questions, and corresponding answers.

Possibly 1 or 2 days. We normally perform surgery on Fridays or Saturdays, so that by Monday morning most patients can go to work. Some patients, depending on occupation, will need to avoid dusty places for at least one week.
Soft contact lenses need to be discontinued for at least 2 weeks prior to the initial examination. Hard contact lenses should be stopped for at least one month.
Yes. This is quite common. Your surgeon can discuss this more in-depth.
Follow the postoperative instructions carefully. You will receive antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and lubricating drops to be used four times a day with differing durations. Any visual task such as reading, watching TV or going to a movie CAN be performed. We ask you to avoid water entering the eye, eye rubbing, and dusty places for a few days after surgery.
99% of INTACS, Lasik/PRK and ICL cases proceed with no problems. For more information on complications, review the information on iLASIK, INTACS and ICL.
No. We use anesthesia in drops and this provides excellent comfort during the procedure. Postoperatively, there is mild discomfort, more frequently with INTACS, hardly ever with Lasik. During the procedure, you may experience “pressure” at different times.
No needles. A single stitch is placed during INTACS surgery. LASIK only uses topical eye drops and no stitches. PRK requires a contact lens. ICL may at times require a single stitch.
On your day of surgery, you can expect to be at the Laser Eye Centre (Lasik/PRK and Intacs) for approximately 1 ½ hours. During this time you will have a chance to review the consent form again and ask any last minute questions that you may have. You will be given a take-home kit with drops and instructions, as well as an emergency contact phone number for the next 48 hours. Please wear comfortable clothing that is warm (the OR is chilly due to certain temperature and humidity levels needed for the optics on the lasers). Please do not wear any makeup, lotions or perfumes that may interfere with the laser treatment or increase the risk of infection. All cell phones must be turned off! If you are undergoing ICL, you will have to go to the Brandon General Hospital. For any of the procedures, we will provide detailed information on preoperative and postoperative instructions.
This will vary depending on what type of surgery but with all surgeries you will be asked to refrain from any swimming, hot tubs, and contact sports for 1 month. Also, try to avoid extreme dusty and smoke-filled environments for 2 weeks post-operatively.
No. We take care of that. There is a fixating light which you have to look at, yet if much movement is seen, we have special stabilizing instruments which allow us to hold your eye still and complete the treatment safely.
Please see this link for further information: What is contrast sensitivity?
Please see this link for further information: Why is there so much talk about night vision problems and glare after surgery? This used to be more of a concern in the past. Current excimer laser treatments using wavefront-guided ablations have diminished the risks of glare, halos and reduced contrast sensitivity.