Reading Glasses

Glasses After Refractive Surgery

The goal of refractive surgery for most people is to be glasses and contact lens free. However, some patients will still need to have corrective lenses. After surgery, corrective lenses may still be needed for some activities to reach the best possible vision, such as driving at night. Presbyopia, or the need for reading glasses, may begin around the ages of 40-50.

In general, refractive surgery will not alter the need for reading glasses. Should you require them prior to surgery, you will still need them afterwards. If you do not yet need them, you may require them in the future. The exception would be when multi-focal lens implants are used.


Monovision is the term used for correcting one eye for distance and the other for close. People who presently have this with their current corrective lenses may wish to discuss this with their surgeon. Some people adapt to this option easily, while others struggle. If you presently have monovision with your corrective lenses, or are considering it, please be sure to discuss what is best for you with your surgeon.