State-of-the-art Laser Surgery Equipment Unveiled in Brandon


A Brandon ophthalmologist and Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) have partnered to introduce an innovative piece of laser surgery equipment, which is being used in cataract surgery procedures at Brandon Regional Health Centre (BRHC).  Dr. Guillermo Rocha is the first physician in Manitoba to use the ‘ultra-fast and precise’ laser which prepares the eye for cataract surgery and the cornea for transplantation.

Dr. Rocha says the Victus Femtosecond Laser Platform will add additional levels of precision, efficiency and safety for cataract surgery and corneal procedures.

“Right now, this is the only equipment of its type being used in the province. Now that we have this capability we are able to use this ‘laser light’ to assist cataract surgeries on candidates that are best-suited for it.  In essence, we do 45-50 per cent of the procedure with this laser and the rest of the procedure still by conventional methods—which includes the use of ultrasound waves to remove the cataractous lens, followed by manual implantation of an artificial lens,” Rocha stated.

BRHC received the equipment in August 2015 and after a month of testing, calibrations and certification the first procedure with the new ‘Laser Platform’ took place September 10th.

In 2014, Dr. Rocha was the recipient of the prestigious Lt. Governor iCARE award, which recognizes the eye care professional who demonstrates innovative and/or unique contributions to eye health in Manitoba.