Taking Proper Eye Photos

Tips for Taking Eye Photos

It is almost impossible to take a good picture of your own eye, because you cannot look in the direction that shows the area of interest while also looking at the camera screen. Get help from a friend.

Here are some suggestions how to take a clear, focused photo with your phone or mobile device.

  • The eye being photographed should be facing a strong but not direct light source. Outside on a cloudy day is usually perfect. Avoid direct sun.
  •  Look to the side so the pterygium or area of interest is facing straight toward the camera.
  • It is very important to have good focus. Here’s how to get it:
  •  Hold the camera still, and keep the eye as still as possible.
    • Do not zoom in. Focus is usually better zoomed out.
    • It is okay to move the camera close to the eye, as long as the eye is in super-sharp focus.
    • Aim the camera so the area of interest is in the center of the screen.
    • Tap on the screen over the area of interest so the camera knows exactly where to focus.
    • A yellow box will appear. Keep it over the area of interest.
    • Next to the focus area (yellow box), drag the little sun up or down to adjust the exposure and lighting.
  • If your pictures appear blurry, ensure that the camera lens on the back of the phone is not dirty.
  • Take a few pictures at different angles and with a little more or a little less light.
  • You may also download this resource for additional information.

Examples of Great and Not-so-great Eye Photos